I did it. I finally did it.

I quit my first full-time job.

Now before you get too excited, I have to say that I made an informed, responsible decision, based on important reasons. Mostly that I hate my job, but who’s keeping track? With the amount of driving and overtime hours that are piling up, I’m finding that I have very little time to dedicate to any drawing, writing, painting, graduate school applications, etc.

My plan is to work a part time job while I freelance and work on personal projects again. Already I’ve begun to pull in new clients for writing reviews and articles and I’ve also been scouring the interwebs for ways to use my agonizingly long list of menial office skills (data entry looks to be a promising gig).

I think I’ll document my experience in this crazy time of my life. Already I’ve earned $4 through filling out surveys and playing digital (free) scratch-off tickets.

Author: AdrianSparrow

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