I’ve had a silly reason for not posting again since starting up this blog. Really, just quite ridiculous.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been struggling with what I would write about for my next post. I bounced ideas around my head over nearly every topic and genre that I’d be comfortable enough to write about, and maybe a little uncomfortable, but at least knowledgeable. What kept tripping me up though was how I wanted to portray myself- would I be the nerdy blogger who wrote reviews for video games or films, or would I be more of an activist and speak about issues like mental health and LGBTQ+ folk? Perhaps what has been a road block to me, is this new brand I’m sort of forming for myself. I’m just starting out, only scraping the surface of what I want my future writing career to be; but finally I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m worrying about the wrong things. I mean, in just my last post, I mentioned how writing should be fun. And yet here I am, pen twirling in my fingers, my laptop screen blaring stark white, while I’m fretting over what kind of writer I want to be.

But maybe I should actually write something. What a novel idea.

Moving forward, I think just challenging myself to keep to a schedule will be enough of a push to at least write -something- every day. Then someday soon, I’ll have published work and eventually some novels, full of fantastic wonders and excitement that I will show the world, and my brand identity will come on its own.

All I have to do is write.